Increased opportunities to find
tenants/buyers quickly

Deposit your property information with us. through a variety of customer bases and marketing channels that we will help you market publicize your property with a team of experience and expertise to close the sale completely.

Deposit Room

Provide to find
rental and selling condominium

(For our customers)

If you are looking for condos to rent - buy, whether for living or investment, we provide all types of condos for rent - sale according to your needs. We find beautiful rooms according to every need - every location in Bangkok and its vicinity. Facilitate every step You can get the room you want. Starting from selecting the best room according to the price and location you want, making an appointment with the owner of the room, taking you to see the real room.

So that you can see every room with a 360 degree view, make a rental-purchase contract and take care of your service throughout the contract. With a professional team that you can trust

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Service for providing renters and buyers of condominium units

(For Owner)

If you have a condo want to find someone to rent - buy a room Let us serve you with tenant recruitment services - buy to meet the customer group you want with many marketing materials and marketing channels that we have along with a professional team And with a long experience in service, we are confident that you will get customers as quickly as expected. Just let us take care

We provide a full range of services. Set up marketing, find customers, take customers to see the room, until the end of the contract.

Deposit a room for rent / consignment